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    More Classmate Publications - in alphabetical order of the authors


Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery
Peter M. Black, et al.
Henry Fothergill Chorley
Victorian Journalist
Robert Terrell Bledsoe
The Last Emerging Market...
The Ghana File
Nathaniel H. Bowditch
The Outside-In Corporation
Barbara E. Bund
Richard W. Burkhardt, Jr.
The Spirit of System –   
Lamarck and Evolutionary Biology

Richard W. Burkhardt, Jr.
How Did That Sun Get Out
Roger Burkholder
Footnotes to the Inexplicable
John Whitehouse Cobb
On Deconstruction: Theory and
Criticism after Structuralism
Jonathan Culler
Literary Theory
A Very Short Introduction
Jonathan Culler
Leg Pain
Magruder C. Donaldson